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James Williams


Hey I’m James! I work as a software developer for CBRE Group where I build tools to help commercial real estate appraisers enjoy their jobs more. I also run a small consulting firm called Kanan Labs Ltd., though the day job takes most of my time these days.

🔭 The main project I’m currently working on is called Evergreen.

  • Evergreen is a multi-purpose application for producing, editing and cataloging commercial real estate appraisals.
  • The tool enables on-demand creation of custom valuation models, end-to-end assignment administration and execution, and data persistence.
  • I’m also building a delivery and workflow management platform called Landscape.

🌱 I’m always learning Python and am currently learning-by-doing database administration, more sophisticated application architecture, kubernetes (boo 👎), and a little bit of rust (yay 🥳).

  • I maintain a python project template called bulletproof-python.
  • I’m focusing my learning on Rust these days, and away from the computer I’m planning the motorcycle trip of a lifetime from Alaska to Patagonia.

💬 Ask me about desktop/enterprise programming (Evergreen is a Qt-based desktop application, unfortunately), interfacing with Microsoft Excel/Word from Python (also gross), and anything tangential to commercial real estate.

📫 How to reach me: