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James Williams

Introducing bulletproof-python

I owe a debt of gratitude to Claudio Jolowicz for introducing me to modern python tooling. His Hypermodern Python template and associated blog series are a great resource.

The Hypermodern system is built around nox and poetry.

  • nox is similar in spirit to tox but uses python scripts instead of configuration files.
  • It’s very powerful, but since I’m not particularly clever, I find the hypermodern stack difficult to understand.

I decided to throw together a simple template that uses tox and pip-tools. The template uses:

It strives to be clean, simple and hard to break, albeit incomplete and likely suitable only for small libraries without broad distribution.

🌱 The template is available here: bulletproof-python.

TIL about AlDente by AppHouseKitchen

The ‘optimize battery charging’ feature in macOS has never worked well for me. It tends to stay at 100%, which is not great for my battery.

I recently discovered AlDente by AppHouseKitchen. It’s a paid app that allows you to set a maximum charge level for your battery. There is a free tier I believe, but I almost always eat the paid versions of apps that I like and use.

I’ve been using it for a few days now and it’s been working great. If you’re similarly annoyed by macOS’s battery charging behavior, I highly recommend it. Not a sponsored post, just a (so far) happy user.

Hello World

Welcome to my shiny new blog.

*slaps roof* This baby can hold so many posts. Check out /about for more information about me, and expect more meaningful content in 2023 as I embark on my open source journey.